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4 Reasons To Tour Abroad With Your Choir

Anyone who's been moved emotionally by a musical performance understands why music is considered the universal language. It's possible for two people who have absolutely nothing in common, different languages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages, to be moved to tears by the same piece of music. It's this act of musical communication that makes traveling to other parts of the world to share your own music so appealing. Choirs considering taking their performance abroad will find massive fulfillment in several ways. Here are four reasons to tour abroad with your choir.

Growth in Challenge

When you're playing the same types of venues in the same types of cities, you're going to have the same types of performances. Challenging yourself is the only way to grow as an individual musician and as an ensemble. You will massively expand the ability of your choir by touring abroad. The desire to show your worth as a musical powerhouse to an unfamiliar audience full of people who may not even speak the same language will motivate every musician to grow and stretch. Challenges always brings growth.

Cultural Sharing

You'll find a different kind of fulfillment in sharing your music with another culture, something you can almost never achieve if you're always playing in the same country. Music is all about connection, and the opportunity to connect with as wide a variety of people as possible is one of the most appealing aspects of touring abroad.

Easier than Ever

Touring abroad with a choir is easier than ever now thanks to companies that specialize in booking custom music performance tours. In the past, touring with a choir meant that one person, usually the choir director, was going to have to spend hours upon hours researching venues abroad, calling venues, booking accommodations, arranging logistics, and arranging travel. Booking the tour was its own full-time job. Thankfully, now you can pass the tedious and time-consuming job off to a professional and focus on the music instead.

Opportunity for Publicity

Booking a tour abroad is not only a great way to create a new audience in other countries, but it's also a great way to raise the choir's profile and grow a bigger audience in your own hometown. A tour abroad is the perfect reason to have your choir featured in the local paper, news station, or radio station. As you publicize your tour, you'll be creating awareness about the good work your choir is doing at home.

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