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New To Snorkeling? Take A Private Charter!

A visit to the coast isn't complete without taking time to snorkel. Snorkeling doesn't require extensive training like scuba diving does, but still provides a memorable experience when you visit the ocean. It is done by wearing a clear mask that allows you to see underwater and a u-shaped tube called a snorkel that allows you to breathe with your face dipped in the water. A snorkeling charter is a great way for beginners to experience snorkeling for the first time.

Large group snorkeling tours and excursions are popular but can be overwhelming for beginners. They also are a bit "cookie-cutter." They usually follow a pre-determined itinerary and don't spend a lot of time teaching you how to do it or about the creatures you are seeing. Here is a list of reasons why a more personal snorkeling charter is a great option for beginner snorkelers.

Snorkeling charters are private.

Your family or group can rent a charter and have a small and private experience. Beginners won't be holding anyone back or annoying other patrons since the group consists of your own party.

Your captain can customize your trip.

If you have beginning snorkelers, your captain can customize your experience to meet your needs. Beginning snorkelers may need a bit more attention or water that is more calm or shallow. You also aren't stuck going to a predetermined place. Your captain can alter your route to get you the best trip possible.

You will get more one on one attention.

On a small, private snorkeling charter you will get more attention. On larger tours, you are rushed and not taught as thoroughly how to use the equipment correctly. A charter is more likely to get snorkeling rookies comfortable with their equipment and in the water. Fear and leaky masks are a couple of things that often make a first-time snorkeler's experience less enjoyable. This type of intimate experience can reduce the undesirable things that many beginners experience.

Snorkeling charters can ensure you know good etiquette.

A more personal snorkeling experience means you can learn more about how to properly interact with the habitat you are a guest in.

Snorkeling charters will teach you more about sea life.

A private snorkeling charter means that your leader will be able to spend more time teaching you about the majestic sights you see. 

A snorkeling charter is a great experience for a first-time snorkeler. Next time you visit the sea, consider this private experience. It will be extraordinary for everyone.

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