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How To Budget For A Charter Bus Rental

Renting a charter bus is an efficient way to move a large group from one place to another, especially if you split the cost of the bus with everyone on board. In order to split the cost, though, you need to know what fees you should expect. Here's how to budget for a charter bus rental.

Step 1: Check the Base Price

Charter bus companies charge a flat base price that serves as the minimum fee. Your group will pay this amount even if it's renting a charter bus for only a short trip, and this is the first fee that other fees will be added onto if your group is planning a longer trip. Therefore, this is the first fee to find out.

When you check what the base price is, also find out what this includes. Some companies charge a higher base price, but include several miles or hours of service in that fee. Other companies have a lower base price but don't include as much in it.

Step 2: Estimate Your Mileage and Hours

Next, estimate how many miles the bus will need to drive and how many hours you'll need the bus for. Then, subtract anything that's included in the base price to determine how many additional miles or hours your group will need to pay for.

The charter bus company will have a per-mile and per-hour fee that's added on when you exceed the base price's allowances. To figure out these fees, simply multiple the additional miles or hours that are needed by the applicable per-unit fee. Neither, either or both additional fees might apply depending on your group's transportation needs.

Step 3: Ask About Driver-Change Fees

Bus drivers are limited in how long and far they can drive during a single shift, and the charter bus company won't allow their drivers to exceed these limits. If you're planning a long trip, ask if multiple drivers will be needed. 

The charter bus company can tell you how many drivers your group's trip will require. If more than one driver is needed, expect to pay a driver-change fee.

Step 4: Remember the Driver's Tip

Tipping a bus driver is customary. Plan on a tip of 10 to 20 percent for a short charter bus rental, or $1 to $2 per person, per day on a multi-day trip.

Step 5: Add and Divide These Costs

Once you have these fees all tabulated, add them together and divide the total cost of the charter bus rental by the number of people going on the trip. The per-person cost will be quite affordable.

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