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What to Expect in a Bird Watching Vacation Package

Vacation packages for birdwatchers are an excellent way to travel to exotic areas and see unusual birds. Purchasing a package over planning your own individual trip has many advantages. It increases the chance of seeing more birds and having more positive experiences with the local culture. Here is more information about what you should expect with bird watching vacation packages.

All Details Taken Care Of

When you go with a travel agency or outfit, they will guide you through the document process required by the host country. For example, they will let you know if you need visas or vaccinations and tell you how to get those. In addition, your travel organizer may give you access to bird checklists. In some cases, the tour provides equipment like scopes. However, you might need to bring your own binoculars and camera.

Visits to the Best Birding Spots

Your guide or host will likely either be someone local to the area, or someone with extensive experience with traveling to that area. Even if you don't go on a guided tour, these hosts will be able to tell you where to find the best birds. They can also give you information about the local culture's societal expectations and rules.

Knowledgeable Guides

If you go on a guided tour, then you are taken where you are most likely to see endemic birds. Tell your guide which birds you want to see, and he or she will likely know where to find them. The guides will also let you know of any special rules or laws when visiting a protected area.


Most bird watching vacation packages have some sort of meal offering. Often, they include breakfast either at the hotel or in the main gathering area. You may also get lunch while you are on day-long tours. Dinners may or may not be included. However, dinner is a great time to explore the local fare on your own.


Lodging is always included in a bird watching vacation package. For these types of trips, however, you may have to share a room if you are a single traveler. Some packages offer a single supplement for an additional charge if you don't want to share a room. Room types and conditions vary based on the tour. Some packages only offer basic rooms, while others offer full luxury suites.

Most vacation packages take care of everything you need while you are at the location. Your package may not include airfare, so take that into consideration when looking at tours. Also, anything extra, like tips, are also not included. If you are interested in a bird watching vacation package, or any other package, then contact a travel company to see what they have to offer.