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Everything You Need To Know About Chartering A Boat For Your Post-Pandemic Vacation

Travel planning after the pandemic will be very different than what we are used to. It may be a very long time before people trust large cruise lines again. If you love being on the water, however, there is an alternative to the larger ships. Boat chartering, like you see on television, is a real possibility for your post-pandemic vacation and it is not as difficult or expensive as you think.  

What do you need to know before you charter a boat?

Luckily, chartering a boat is a fairly easy process. A professional boat broker will make all the arrangement s for you, like a travel agent, as well as help you decide on how large of a boat you need and where to travel. Most charters come with a captain and crew so you only need to sit back, relax, and let your pandemic stress slip away.

What is the difference between a boat charter and a bareboat charter?

If you are an experienced sailor, you can choose to do a bareboat charter. This simply means that you will not require the services of a captain or a crew for your voyage. While this may be acceptable for smaller boats, larger, mega yachts cannot operate without a full crew. 

What qualifications do you need for a bareboat charter?

While each operator has their own individual requirements, most require certification from your country's governing body (for sail boating or motor-yachting) as well as paperwork giving you permission to sail in both international and European waters. A common requirement is an ICC, or International Certificate of Competency. If you are truly interested in a bareboat charter, talk to your charter broker directly for specifics.

Can you bring children on a boat charter?

Families with children are welcome on boat or yacht charters. An experienced crew will know how to keep everyone entertained, safe, and having fun. In fact, vacationing with small children is much more enjoyable on a boat where there are crew members designed to give parents a break from the action. A vacation isn't much of a vacation if parents are overwhelmed.  

What should you tip the crew on a boat charter?

While tipping should be based on how well you appreciated the service offered, it is standard to tip between five to 20 percent of the weekly charter cost. Generally, the tip is given to the boat's captain at the end of the trip and he or she will divide it appropriately. Cash is preferred, but you can make arrangements to wire gratuity in advance to the charter brokerage firm. 

Chartering a boat for your next vacation may be just what you need to relax in a post-pandemic world. 

For more information, reach out to local boat charter companies.