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Tips To Save Money On A Private Jet Charter

A private jet charter is the finest way to fly, and it can be much more affordable than many people realize. If you're interested in a private jet charter, these tips will help you save money when you reserve a plane.

Book the Smallest Suitable Aircraft

The aircraft that's flown for private charter ranges from small propeller planes that carry just a couple of people to massive jets that rival commercial airlines' models. As you would expect, the price of a charter generally corresponds to the size of the aircraft reserved. A large aircraft that costs more to maintain and fly will necessarily be more to reserve.

When you book a private jet charter, get the smallest aircraft that's still suitable for your chosen trip. You'll have to consider how many passengers can be on board, how much weight you can put in the cargo area and how far the plane can fly. The smallest jet that can hold the people and things you need it to while getting to your destination will be the cheapest model to reserve.

Opt for an Older Aircraft

As you look at different private jet aircraft that are available, don't be afraid to reserve one of the older jets that are in service. An older jet that's still in service is just as safe as the newest model, for all jets must meet the same standard safety requirements in order to be approved for flight.

By opting for an older aircraft, you could save quite a bit on the cost of the private jet charter. Companies that operate these aircraft don't have as much money tied up in the jets, so they don't have to charge as much per charter. These jets also aren't as highly demanded as new jets are, so rates tend to be lower as a result.

Search for an Empty Leg

The companies that charter private jets are constantly repositioning jets based on their clients' needs. Sometimes, clients' needed necessitate that a jet is flown empty from one airport to another.

Flying a jet without any passengers on board is, obviously, an expensive endeavor and brings a company no revenue. Thus, companies will sell these flights extremely cheaply. They just want to cover their operating costs for these flights.

Such flights are known as empty legs. It's not always possible to find an empty leg that matches your trip and dates, but you can save a whole lot if an empty leg does line up with your needs.