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Making The Most Of Your Dolphin Tour

For most people, the chance to go on a dolphin tour only comes up once or twice in their life. So if you're about to climb aboard a boat and sail off to see the dolphins splash, you want to make the most of the experience! Here are some ways to do that.

Read about dolphins before you go.

Before your excursion, spend a little time reading about dolphins. Read about the different species, how to identify them, and how they behave. Also read about how dolphins communicate. They are very complex and intelligent creatures, and the more you learn about them, the more you will appreciate when you do see them. The naturalists on most dolphin tours do share a lot of this basic information, but it's nice to have some background so you can focus more on the dolphins and less on your guide.

Walk along all sides of the boat.

Many dolphin tour participants just climb on board the boat, find a spot to stand, and remain there for the duration of the tour. But in doing so, you are missing the opportunity to perhaps see some dolphins on another side of the boat! Not all of the dolphins will be off in the distance. It's really common for them to sail alongside a boat. If you walk along all sides of the boat while looking down at the water, you increase you chances of seeing more of them.

Bring binoculars if they are not provided.

Before your tour date, check whether the tour company provides binoculars to their guests. Some companies do, and others do not. If your tour company does not supply them, bring your own pair of binoculars. This way, if you do see any dolphins off in the distance, you can look through the binoculars for a more detailed view.

Turn your phone off, and put it away.

These days, it is so easy to get distracted on your phone. You pull it out to take one photo, and before you know it, you've wasted 5 minutes of your dolphin tour checking your email! Turn your phone off at the beginning of the tour, and put it in your pocket. Most tour take and sell photos, so you can buy one of these rather than being distracted on your phone while taking your own pictures.

With the tips above, you can truly make the most of your dolphin tour. Take a deep breath, and prepare to have a great time!