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Airport Parking Options

If you will be using an airport to pick up family members or to see someone off, you will need to contemplate where you will park your vehicle. There are several parking options offered at most airports. These range from hourly parking options (such as hourly airport parking reservations) to flat-fee options.

An Hourly Rate

An hourly rate is offered for parking spots that are typically located in a convenient area. People who will be picking up loved ones or seeing their family or friends off on a trip may prefer to leave their vehicle in a spot that offers a short-term solution. Parking spots that charge an hourly rate may include valet-assisted and non-valet-assisted ones. Reservations do not need to typically be made for this type of parking, due to the fairly constant flow of traffic to and from these types of parking spots.

When it is time to exit a lot, a motorist will need to drive up to a gate, they will need to show the receipt or ticket that they first received when entering the parking area. The attendant will determine how much money is owed, based on the amount of time that a vehicle was parked.

A Daily Rate

If a vehicle will be left at an airport for several hours, it will be more cost-effective to seek a daily rate spot, than one that charges by the hour. A daily rate is a flat fee that an airport charges. A motorist will need to acquire a ticket when they enter the parking area that is designated for a daily rate. This ticket can be secured to a vehicle that is within a parking garage or an uncovered lot.

A Long Term Rate

Parking spots that are designated for long-term usage may be located the furthest away from the other parking areas. In spite of this inconvenience, a customer may be charged a rate that is relatively less money than both the daily rate and the hourly rate. The cost savings can be determined, by figuring out how much money is being charged for each hour that a vehicle is left within a long-term lot.

An airport may have distinct parking rules that patrons must follow. These rules may apply to the length of time that a vehicle can be left within a parking garage or in an uncovered lot. Just like the daily parking spots, a long-term spot may require that a motorist displays a ticket on their vehicle.