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Great Gifts You Can Buy At Wineries

Wineries are a great destination because you can learn about the wine-making process, sample different types of wine, and visit their gift shops. If you're considering getting someone a gift from a winery, you'll have many options, and most will have similar products available. Here are examples of special gifts you can purchase from most wineries:

Assorted Gift Baskets

A typical gift choice at wineries is gift baskets that include multiple items. That way, you don't have to choose just one or buy numerous items to create your own. You simply grab a prepackaged gift basket, and it will have all the best things in one prewrapped assortment.

Gift Certificate

Sometimes people struggle to find the perfect gift for the person they're buying for, and it's easier to get them a gift certificate instead so they can choose what they want. A gift certificate to a winery is more exciting and unique than gift certificates to restaurants, stores, etc. The person you give it to can either use it to get passes to the winery or buy items from their store or giftshop.


When you think about getting someone a gift from a winery, the most obvious choice is getting them one or more bottles of wine. You can usually expect a superior taste from a wine purchased from a winery compared to a generic one you buy at the supermarket. Some will sell wines with multiple styles, flavors, etc., while others may only sell one type they've perfected over the years.

Wine-Related Items

Aside from the wine itself, wine-related products, like glasses, wine openers, etc., are popular gift options at most wineries. Good glasses to drink wine from are essential; if the person you're buying for doesn't have them, they make a good present. A wine opener that functions correctly and quickly is also a great gift for any wine lover, and most wineries will sell them.


One of the most common foods people pair with wine is cheese, so many wineries will sell various kinds of cheese in their gift shops. They may even have special instructions on pairing different types of cheeses with various wines. If you get someone wine and cheese from a winery as a gift, they'll likely be delighted.


Most wineries sell chocolates in their gift shops, as people like to eat them with wine, and they're a standard gift to include with a bottle of wine. If you're looking for a gift for a chocolate lover, you can pick some up while at a winery and possibly include a wine that pairs well with it. 

For more info about wine gifting, contact a local company.