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Edith Chambers

Airport Parking Options

If you will be using an airport to pick up family members or to see someone off, you will need to contemplate where you will park your vehicle. There are several parking options offered at most airports. These range from hourly parking options (such as hourly airport parking reservations) to flat-fee options. An Hourly Rate An hourly rate is offered for parking s

The Best Way To Experience A City When On Vacation

After so much has happened in the last few years it is no surprise that a lot of American's feel like they deserve a holiday of some kind. Not only has COVID-19 ripped through the heart of America, but economic turmoil and environmental catastrophes have made it a very hard beginning to this new decade. To turn this around, a lot of people have started afresh in 2022,

Seven Safety Priorities For Any Kayak Tour

Kayak tours are a great way to explore nature. However, there are some safety precautions that need to be taken during any kayaking experience. The following are seven safety priorities to focus on for any kayak tour. Not being equipped with a flotation device Wearing a flotation device is required for participation in most kayak tours. Even if you are a good swimmer,

Yellowstone Bus Tours: 5 Things To Know

A relaxing and thorough way to take in the sights of Yellowstone National Park is with a bus tour. Tours vary, but there are some basics that apply to most.  1. Pickup Location Every bus tour company has a different schedule when it comes to pickup locations. Common locations for bus tours are at the main park campgrounds, the park entrance, or at one of the majo

Why Renting Luxury Small Planes Is a Good Choice

For many things, renting is an easier option than owning simply because over time it's cheaper. With light aircraft, the situation is slightly different as people develop very strong preferences for specific makes or models, and they want to be sure that they can fly those models whenever they want. If you can afford to buy, then you'd think buying would be the best c